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Ahmed Sherine 
Projects Director

With a total experience of 32 years in designing, reviewing Construction Drawings, Details, & Construction documents, along with site management works, Ahmed has been part of highly reputed projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Cairo, comprising Hospitality, Mixed Use Developments, Urban Planning, multistorey buildings, private palaces and villas. He is responsible for the overall direction, co-ordination, implementation, execution, control & completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals: an impeccable day to day management of production on projects to meet deadlines accurately. Due to his extensive communication with multi-national associated consultants, he became engaged in most of the reputed projects in UAE including, Michael Graves, DDG-Development Design Group, SOM – US, Carlos Ott, WZMH Architects, Canada, A4 Architects, Borja Hudebro, Paris, N+M Germany, & other reputed international consultants.

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