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Trojan Labor Camp

Abu Dhabi,  UAE

Location :

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Client :

Trojan Holding


79562.95 sqm

Completion :

Expected 2020

Scope :

Lead Consultant, Concept Design Development, Detailed Design, Engineering Design Services, Interior Design, Site Supervision

The Project consist of:

21 Labour Accommodation buildings (G+2), each of them has 44 Dorm rooms (5 beds), Laundries, and common toilets area at each floor.

3 Staff Accommodation buildings (G+2), each of them has 81 Dorm rooms (4 beds, toilet & pantry), and Laundry at each floor.

Masjid (G only), capacity of 900 prayers, with outdoors paved praying area.

Ablution building (G+1), common toilets area, Ablution area, 2 apartments (1BR apartment) for Imam and Moa’then.

Retail Building (G+2), contains clinics, Retail shops, Money transfer shops, Barber shops, Administrative area, GYM, and Lounge area

Mess Hall, (G+2), 4 dining areas served with large size kitchen, wet\dry stores, cooling rooms, and loading area.

3 security gate buildings (G only), 2 of them provided with beds located at the camp main accesses.

2 Substations (G only), Transformers room, LV room, HV room, Fire water tank\pump room, stores, and rooms for future use.

2 external multi-use sport yards, Boundary wall, Landscape areas, Buses and light vehicles parking bays.

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