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Mekkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dhahiat Sumou

Location :

Mekkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client :

Dhahiat Sumou Real Estate Company


1,600,000 sqm

Completion :

Expected 2019

Scope :

Concept Design Development
Detailed Design
Engineering Design Service

APG has a major role in this development of 6,000 Residenial units. 5 Mock-up designs were done by the ID department for Town House, Duplex & Villa.

Town House Mock-up

The neutral colour scheme of Beige, Grey merged with Black & White with an intervention of vivid colours adds luxury to the Design.

Duplex Mock-up

The dark colour scheme is manipulated in a manner to provide warmth to the beautiful Modern Design. Intervention of some light or Pastel colours makes the ensemble sophisticated & refined.

Villa Mock-up

The beauty of Islamic Residential Architecture, expressed through warm shades of Beige & Brown, is what makes this design outstanding. The use of wooden elements & Islamic pattern gives the spaces a picturesque twist.

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