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Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Performs work of a more complex scope and provides solutions under general direction using well-defined standards and procedures

  • Has complete understanding of general job aspects and general understanding of the detailed aspects of the job

  • Designs components or portions of systems, and modifies existing designs to develop or improve them

  • Reviews drawings supplied by vendors, clients, and other discipline group designers that affect the specific project design area to which he or she has been assigned

  • Coordination with multi-discipline A/E design teams

  • May provide technical guidance and assistance to drafting personnel and less experienced designers

  • Uses computer-aided design equipment and/or graphic tools

  • Gathers information, makes studies, performs calculations, and prepares original rough layouts and sketches to present design proposal

  • Coordinates design criteria with engineering, tooling, material, and planning group in accordance with contractual specifications

Abu Dhabi , UAE
5 Years.
Bachelor of Architecture degree
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