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Abu Dhabi,  UAE

Location :

Reem Island ,Abu Dhabi,  UAE

Client :



132,500 m2

Completion :


Scope :

Lead Consultant, Concept Design Development, Detailed Design, Engineering Design Services, Interior Design, Site Supervision & AOR

Zone D is is located on the north-westerly edge of Plot 1 and is bound by Zone C to the east and Zone E to the south. A waterfront promenade leading directly to the Marina lies along the western fringe of Zone D. It is the first zone that one encounters as one enters into Plot 1 via the northern border.
This zone consists of three blocks. Block D1 and D2 share a common site, whereas Block D3 sits independently at the southernmost tip of this sector. Block D1 and D2 are both 51 floors height that sits on 6 level of podium, while block D3 is 20 floors in height and sits on a 1 level podium.

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